Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unpolished Gem

Little bronze bird

This little guy in the picture has taken me hours to make and it is still unfinished! I took a jewellery casting course recently and I now have a new found appreciation for jewellery designers who use the lost wax casting method. Any jewellery that looks sculpted and not beaded or laser cut, would have undertaken a lengthy process involving:

- creating wax models
- plastering
- burning and firing in a kiln
- Pouring and releasing metal involving even higher temperatures
- cut, clean, file and polish

My little bird took me about 5 hours all up and I still need to file it down more and polish it off. Phew. The tutor did compliment me on my filing techniques though. I guess all the effort in maintaining nice nails didn't go to waste after all.

If you think my little birdy is an eyesore (poor unpolished gem), then check out some real examples from my tutor, David Parker.

1 comment:

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Wow- it's incredible what you realise about products once you try making them. I've found that about all of the crafts that I do- a product may look simple or too expensive when someone else has made it, but as soon as I give it a go I realise just how much effort, time, skill, patience and talent it really takes. Well done on your bird!

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