Sunday, November 23, 2008

Work In Progress

I mentioned yesterday I'm working on a little project to give as Christmas presents. Well, I couldn't wait to reveal stage 1 of's a 2009 calendar I plan to screen print onto teatowels. I was inspired by Cicada Studio and the calendar she created a few months ago which I found from the elle deco SA blog.

I actually have no idea who reads my blog but I'm pretty sure the 'lucky' recipients of this tea towel have no idea what I'm up to for presents this year. So, the secret is actually quite safe on this blog which is a bit of an oxymoron really.

The pic is a little blurry as it is still a work in progress and I'm a bit embarrassed to show a high res version because you'll see all my mistakes and jagged lines I'm yet to smooth over. ;) It's based on the sketch of some gumnuts I did a little while ago.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I love finding great bargains but I've never been a keen "rummager" but this has changed since I went to the Lady Garage Sale a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't even intending to go but tagged along with Lara.

I picked up a scarf, belt, necklace and a wrap skirt made from saree material. The best part? I paid less than $10 for the lot! $9 to be exact. Bargain!

On a different note - I have been pretty quiet on the blogging front for the past few weeks because I've been on holidays with Nath to Europe. Had a great time, thanks! My mind is now full of "crafty" ideas and illustrations. I have one particular idea in the making which I hope will be complete before Christmas as I would like to offload them as gifts to my friends and say "I made that!"
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