Saturday, November 22, 2008


I love finding great bargains but I've never been a keen "rummager" but this has changed since I went to the Lady Garage Sale a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't even intending to go but tagged along with Lara.

I picked up a scarf, belt, necklace and a wrap skirt made from saree material. The best part? I paid less than $10 for the lot! $9 to be exact. Bargain!

On a different note - I have been pretty quiet on the blogging front for the past few weeks because I've been on holidays with Nath to Europe. Had a great time, thanks! My mind is now full of "crafty" ideas and illustrations. I have one particular idea in the making which I hope will be complete before Christmas as I would like to offload them as gifts to my friends and say "I made that!"

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