Saturday, January 31, 2009


It's nice and hot outside so I am staying indoors to escape it all. I spent this morning rummaging through big fabric bins at a vintage Japanese fabric warehouse so that's my work for the day. I've got my music cranked up (MGMT), icey cold water by my side, and my trusty little Canon Ixus40 at hand.

So I thought I would share with you my pin board for January.
My pin board includes, among other trinkets:

1. An apology note from our first fight (gees I'm glad I kept that one!
2. Chinese New Year red packet - with money included and everything so I'm not too old nor too married to stop receiving yet, however I think that is against tradition but I'm not complaining. Thanks mum.
3. A necklace and earring set I made for my step-mother-in-law's 60th coming up,
4. Post card from my regular Aussie friend turned Buddhist monk. Since the post card he sent from a remote village in Thailand 5 years ago, I have not heard a word from him. I really do wonder...
5. A metcard which might not do anyone any good when the trains hardly work in the heat here. Although Melbourne is still one of the most liveable cities in the world, promise!
6. A watercolour pic of some flies. Not sure what was buzzing in my mind when I drew them. I just wanted to practise watercolouring within the lines I suppose.

It's already one month into the year. Happy January!
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