Sunday, May 24, 2009

There's a chair in there

Finally something crafty to show!

The chair before

The chair after the restoration project

A few weeks ago, we found an abandoned chair pretty much on our front doorstep. I was initially quite annoyed that an idiot left their rubbish in our common property to be someone else's problem but after some further inspection, we realised the chair was in quite good shape despite the insides falling apart and not wanting to sit on it for fear of falling through.

So aside from the fact that neither Nathan or I had ever restored a chair before, we thought we would give it a go. After working on it on and off for a few weeks and after a fair share of expletives expended from our mouths, we turned this piece of trash into treasure. Nathan stripped back the wood and gave a few coats of satin varnish while I worked on finding new foam inserts and making new covers.

For more pics, check out my new flickr page.

And, does Lara really need any more publicity for her fabric? ;)

If you want to see even better restoration projects, check out Heather's blog.


mazspazz said...

Good job with this Karin!
I've been looking for a 3 seater lounge in the same style...and some single the danish style furniture with the simple, curved wooden arms/frames...Nice work in getting the lad to help me the opportunity to light the fire under Khan to help me out with this being crafty business!

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Ooh, I'm so excited to see the final result!! Inspired by you, I picked up a gorgeous 'poofe' (I don't know what it's actually called- a box with a padded seat on top thing?) from the curb the other day and I too will try my hand at refurbishing! I'm aiming for I&S's Birch in Brown instead- by we have uncannily similar tastes :-) Well done on your gorgeous chair!! xx

Att said...

thanks for dropping by..yes, I'm a malay..sory that u can't read my blog..hehe.. maybe i'll write in english next time..
and is it okay if i link u?

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

W-O-W...! You really have turned trash into treasure! Really wonderful work, Karin - want to help restore some old chairs for me sometime?? I have no idea how to do it! Can't wait for your next post =)

Spin Spin said...

Wow, that's great!

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Looks great. Lovely fabric.

art4friends said...

oh thank you so much for the sweet feedback on the website.
really really means a lot to me so I thank you!!

(super super jealous of the chair by the way, if I haven't said that already!)


Red Letter Studio said...

Looks great Karin - one of my besties has given me an old chair that I want to restore, could be a little more complicated than this one but you have given me some inspiration!! nice fabric :o)

Oz said...

Funny thing about this chair... I bought two of them from a garage sale a good 15 years ago and have had them sitting in my garage for about the last ten years. I love them but just don't have room for them in my apartment. I was doing some spring cleaning about a month ago and thought about donating them and then I saw how good you made it look and decided to hold on to them and hope to have room for them some day. I had gotten rid of so much junk in my spring cleaning that I actually have room to store them now and look forward to some day refurbishing the wood and making new cushions.

Also, just this week I stumbled upon the chair on Etsy: I thought it was funny that they also "found" the chair and cleaned it up.

I'm now really interested in knowing the history of this chair that seem to be everywhere! You are in Australia and I'm in California - crazy!

I just had to share.


Karin said...

Wow thanks for all the incredible feedback! I am very pleased with how it turned out and I encourage you to take on the challenge. It's well worth it!

Tammy - great Etsy link! Very inspiring to say the least.

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