Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yes but, can it take calls?

Feeling a little attached

I used to be proud of my phone with no features other than to make and receive calls. No camera, no applications, no blue tooth connectivity, no music player and no 3G connectivity. I never stressed when I left it at home or in the car. Nor did I feel any pain when I dropped it on the floor (several times).

This was until recently I was laughed at by someone I least expected while saying my phone was "sooo old". In that moment I went from feeling no emotion toward my phone to feeling ashamed and wanted to bury my little dinosaur to the bottom of my handbag and ignore it when it rang.

So I have sold out. I am now expecting my new iphone to arrive in the mail. This should be a proud moment but it's not. I feel confused! Do I really need a phone which can play air hockey with me?

P.s. This little pic is a Karin Q original. Knocked up using my very basic Adobe Illustrator skills. :)


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Noooo Karin!! Don't get sucked in to the crapple Apple world... too late :-( I would've been delighted by your old phone. In fact, we could have done it up and called it vintage! Who was this nasty person who sent you to the arms of shame? I will hunt them down...

NazfromOz said...

How cute is your drawing! I like how the subtle (not!?) comparison of the mobile to the old ball and chain. Very clever :)

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

um...it's about time you get an iphone! Getting mine was the BEST investment I ever made - I use it all the time for business and um...playing games...and reading books :o)

Att said...

ahh..i just love that phone..no features unless to receive and take calls and sms..not that bad..

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