Monday, April 27, 2009

A cool quote

I heard a great quote on the radio this morning which I will try not to bastardise too much as I didn't have time while driving to write it down:

'Nothing is earned without hard work
You cannot work hard without passion
Do what you love'

...or words to that effect by Nathan Buckley - former Australian football player.

Because Nathan Buckley told me to, today I am:

1) working hard to enjoy every moment of this day off I am lucky to have

Treats from one of my many favourite local cafes

...with a tomato, feta and basil bruschetta and a soy chai latte with a little trickle of honey at Le Chien.

2) passionate about these gorgeous scrap fabrics I purchased today
for the love of fabric!

I am still thinking about what I will do with all the material but for now, I will just run my hands over them and purr.

3) loving this craft experimental phase I am in and working on more leather sewing

Belt attempt # 2 with Cheeky Beeks fabric

I have one order to fulfill - a belt for my (sometimes) lovely sister. In return, she shall knit me a scarf for winter (because we are sisters and we don't ask, we just expect ;) )

Sandra, Danielle and Michvanetta are all looking like they have been very busy living the Nathan Buckley way recently too!

P.s. please do not think I am a football fan because I quote a footballer. Not that there is anything wrong with being one, I am definitely not a fan. My husband has enough passion for the both of us and then some. :)


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Wow, that is a lovely quote. And it's very true- i work much harder at my craft due to my passion for it than I did at other jobs!!

Mmm... Le Chien. That is one of my all-time favourite cafes in Melbourne! I could eat three plates of their tomato and avocado on toast. YUM!

I'm loving those fabrics- where did you get them from? I'd be purring too :-)

Thanks for linking to me!!

P.S. It's ok to like football. Not that I do :-)

art4friends said...

oh thank you for your kindness!!
and you are very welcome :)

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