Saturday, April 25, 2009

The process to pick the winner

The Contenders

The Witnesses

The Hat

Grumpy little helper

The winner!

Congratulations sarasophia! What a lovely comment you left and an enchanting blog you have!

Thanks to everyone who visited and said hello and I hope you stay in touch. A little precious birdie keeps telling me I must open a shop, so I guess for those who missed out, watch this space!


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

YES to the shop!!


Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Congratulations Sarasophia!

sarasophia said...

Oh wow and HAPPY HAPPY DAY!!!

I am BEAMING! and so very excited to have won your adorable wallet!

My email address is:


<3 sarasophia

babalisme said...

Loving the grumpy helper, can you give me his number, please?

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