Monday, December 8, 2008

Sew busy

I have been putting my new Janome sewing machine into overdrive by making these:

Cushion covers for a Christmas present and a bolster cover (bottom left) for my husband who was jealous I wasn't making anything for him!

and these:

Placemats ready for screen printing (by the way, the tea towel calendar is still work in progress while I have been running around looking for supplies for that project).

AND this:

A cute summer dress I have decided instead to wear as a long top over jeans accompanied with a nice cardy, jewellery and thongs. Perfect for those can't-decide-whether-it's-hot-or-cold Melbourne summer days.


Sare & Adam said...

Hi gorgeous! Your dress is so awesome! I love seeing all the new creative stuff you are doing these days. Miss you, xo

mazspazz said...

hello lady!
You're getting very crafty these days with great results! I managed to drag my sewing machine back from Port macquarie but now can't seem to find the time to sit down and make anything due to my stinky job!
Altho, I do lie, I made a tote before I started working...You, Lara and I should get together for a before or after xmas drink...
talk soon hopefully!

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