Saturday, July 11, 2009

The secret is out

Foray into printed media

So according to my family, I'm famous. A few weeks ago I was interviewed for a story on blogging and whether social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter have killed blogging. I didn't say so but apparently they have . The article was featured in the Green Guide section in The Age. If you're really keen, go check out the full article.

I am a little tickled when my friends say after reading the article and with a hint of sympathy in their tone, "Oh at least it's a good picture". Come on guys, my quote wasn't that bad! Independent designers have used blogging as a successful marketing tool. Look at Lara, Aunty Cookie, Cheeky Beaks...!

In other "news", stay tuned for pics of my new clutch which features one of Louise's pretty buttons.
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