Saturday, March 21, 2009

No Junk Mail

We just finished hosting an international student for 3 weeks from Kobe, Japan. A sweet girl, a little quiet, but gave us lots of stuff. I love stuff.

I also love receiving mail too. Maybe it's the small pleasure of busting open an envelope and seeing what's inside - e.g. finding out after 3 months I am totally on track with my target daily water usage. Yes, these are small pleasures.

I don't generally like junk mail though but I deal with it. I am definitely not so good at tolerating other people's junk.
The Japanese kid stays for 3 weeks, becomes a member at Crown Casino and although she knew she would leave the country shortly after, uses our address to receive mail. What the...?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Wow two whole posts back to back!

I realised I hadn't talked much about my drawings recently. I have been doing a lot of mad sketching to improve on my skills. I still love it and I love seeing the progress I make, albeit slowly but surely.

What do you think of my octopus girl?

Did you go to THE show?

The Stitches and Craft show - Melbourne. It was my first visit ever and it was great. I bought some fabric, had a wander around and saw some installations. Doilies and potpourri aren't really my thing but there were a lot of other cool things to see, and touch and perve at. I wish I took more pics though.

Oh and of course visited Lara and co and hung around like a groupie to watch her interview.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


$5 tank top + $2 of japanese fabric off cuts = a cool new top.

Took me longer than I expected to figure out how to fold the fabric to give a cute look but I got there in the end...
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