Friday, September 19, 2008

At least I have you

"Clear Hearts Grey Flowers" - Mark Ryden

For 18 months I was the custodian of a beautiful Mark Ryden painting while Maz was travelling the world. The painting last we checked fetched close to $7000AUD. Now she's back and she was stoked to have her girls back. *Sigh*...

But at least I have you...

"Anima Mundi" book - Mark Ryden

Inside the book

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Native home

We are very fortunate to live right near the Maribrynong River and in the short walk between the gym and my home, through Footscray park there is a great range of natives blooming at this time of year. I had never seen a yellow Grevillea before! Such a chaotic little flower.

I did a very unsustainable thing and plucked some for further analysis and well, for inspiration for my drawing really:

Inspiration - a moment with Frederico Cascinalli

I was lucky enough to stumble across this article yesterday. It is a brief interview with character animator Federico Cascinalli. Above, is an example of his still life work.

The amazing thing about this guy is that he gave up a brilliant career for a career in the arts. BRILLIANT - he was a top surgeon in Italy before throwing in the towel and severing many relationships in the process.

A career in what he loved and not what was expected of him?? What a novel idea!

I love his anology the ups and downs in life are like waves - being depressed is like being underwater for a little while, you just need to hold your breath and wait 'til you come up again.

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