Friday, November 2, 2007

I am a picture frame

Just married!

My new surname is "Quadros". Pretty exotic huh? It's Portugese. Well, the meaning isn't quite so exotic (it means picture frame)

There are too many highlights to mention in one blog entry but I'm sure they will all filter through to this spot as time goes on.

Here are two highlights to start with:

1) The ceremony. It was held in the Williamstown Botanic gardens on a beautiful Saturday afternoon

2) A poem my sister wrote for us

Ode to Karin and Nate
by Narrie Full

Karin, we’ve grown up together and throughout the years
We’ve seen good times and bad, laughter and tears
We share a bond that no-one could sever
My sister, my mentor, my best friend forever
You’ve been my rock when the world was unkind
You’ve helped open my eyes when I was blind
And over the years, I’ve seen you kiss frog after frog
And now you’ve found your prince – the one and only Nate-dog!
A guy who’s so genuine, smart and sweet
And how I wish he had an older brother for me!
Nate, from the very first moment you met my sister
You were smitten – who can blame you? – few can resist her!
Big brown eyes, ruby lips, the most perfect skin you’d ever find
But of course, you Nate were only captured by her mind!?
And Nate - as for some advice – always remember
Behind that sweet face lies a fiery temper
So if you ever sense the approach of a fight
Keep in the back of your mind – “she’s always right”!
The phrase “soul-mates” is often brandished about
But when I look at you two, I have no doubt
That you epitomize this enduring term
And through thick and thin, your love stands firm
As individuals you are both amazing in your own right
But as a couple you shine together with an enviable light
So I invite you all to raise you glasses in a salute to fate:

Congratulations on this special day – here’s to Karin and Nate

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